Physique Lean and Lanky Built   (Cerebrotonic) Moderately Built   (Somatotonic) Heavily Built (Viscerotonic) and   obese if not careful
Activity Quick in action;   overactive Moderate in action Thoughtful in action
Appetite Irregular appetite Sharp hunger Moderate appetite; good eater
Digestion Disturbed digestion Good digestion Slow but good digestion
Inner drive Over enthusiastic Seriously enthusiastic Very balanced; less enthusiastic
Life style Vivacious; hyper-excitable Hyper-irritable and angry   in stress Not irritable or angry even in   stress but determined in action
Inner self Dreamy by nature Practical in approach Down to earth in thinking
Sleep Disturbed sleep Moderate sleep Good and more sleep
Intellect Fast to understand and fast to forget Sharp intellect; very good   in grasping and retention Learning process slow and steady
Mental disposition Tense; worried; confused; shows outbreaks of energy and mood; disturbed in emergencies Occasionally tense but not confused; Utilises energy in right direction; More cautions in emergencies No tension; no confusion; steady, discharge of energy-often slow; very careful; calculative
Walk Fast way of walking Moderate walk Slow and careful walk
Temperament Always in haste for no sound reason Fast but not hasty No haste, take it easy nature
Likes / Dislikes Avoids cold weather; likes hot food Dislikes hot food, sun; hot weather, like cooling drinks and food Dislikes cold and stale food; likes hot and fresh food
Skin Rough and cracked skin Smooth and Supple skin Oily skin
Eyes Turbid; not bright; unstable Reddish; bright; probing Clear white; bright; stable
Vulnerable to Insomnia; anxiety, constipation and gas; indigestion; rheumatic disorders Heartburns; wounds; gastroduodenal ulcers; haemorrhoids; acne and inflammatory skin conditions Sinus, congestion; cold and cough; allergies and bronchial asthma; obesity; lethargy; oedema; metabolic errors like diabetes, excess sleep
Handling the situation Excitable initially; tends to flee in odd circumstances very courageous; bold; fights till the end Calculated fight or flight approach